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CST Problem Format

Each CST consists of the following parts:

Ø Opening Scene: Provides information needed for the entire CST.

Ø Section Header: Provides the question for the respective section.

Ø List of Decisions/Actions: Provides additional information about the client based on your answer selection.

Selecting an Action Statement

Ø If you select "Yes" as your answer choice for an action statement, a feedback box will appear to the right of the action statement. Feedback is not provided when you select "No" as an answer choice.

Ø This box contains additional practice-based information related to the action.

Ø The example below illustrates how additional information is presented after an action statement is selected:

Opening Scene: You are going hiking in the mountains and want to dress appropriately for the current weather.

Section A: Which questions should you ask to determine the weather conditions?

Select "Yes" next to those options that are appropriate at this time. Select "No" if the option is not appropriate at this time. You must select either "Yes" or "No" for every option.

*This example is for illustration purposes only.

Click on the "Next" button to learn more about navigating through the sections of the CST.